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About Lutopia


Lutopia's mission is to awaken you to your full potential through self-care and evaluation. Then watch you transform the world around you through self-empowerment. Together the Lutopia team strives to create sustainable, peaceful relationships and communities around the globe.


Awaken to your higher purpose!

"The wound is where the light enters you." Rumi

With a combined life experience of overcoming adversity that yields a deeper understanding,

you will be treated with empathy and compassion. Yet, your challenges will be handled with honesty and a strong, diverse perspective from our founder, Lucinda Shore. She integrates ancient and modern tools and philosophies to expand self-awareness, self-care, and kindness in the workplace and in relationships. Our clients desire to be seen and heard in a clear, concise way to create a more sustainable, harmonious environment.. 


Lutopia advocates self-care!

What areas are you looking to transform in your life?

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Lucinda's work as a Life Coach is fueled by her passion to share how she transforms trauma into triumph as a way to inspire others. Lucinda has the unique ability to shape the world through her optimism. Through her practicality and care, she guides and aligns others to their higher potential.


She empowers people who desire a shift in their consciousness and beliefs toward self-empowerment. 


Monthly Blog

Inspirational Writer

As an entrepreneur and C-level executive for over two decades, Lucinda’s practical business sense is intertwined with her personal journey. In a record year, she sold 12-million-dollar of hospitality products. She manifested living on a Multi-Million Dollar Estate while she recovers from PTSD and a Brain Injury.

Learn more about Lucinda's journey and the inspiration and personal reflections behind Lutopia. 

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