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Rock Balancing



Yasmin Mogahed

"Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered."


Mindfulness Program

Are you or your employees stressed? Are you seeing signs of fatigue or burnout?  Could your team use a boost in morale and productivity? Are you looking for a way to incentivize your staff to be creative problem solvers and thrive in adversity? Do you want to learn the secret ingredients to be a top achiever and peak performer? If you answered yes to any of these questions our Mindfulness Program is designed with your corporate needs in mind.

In this Seminar

  • Practice various breath exercises

  • Learn mindfulness basics

  • Meditate

  • Work with setting intentions, grounding and holding your energy

  • Self-Care Technics to Manage Energy

Use Your Strengths

Have you ever noticed that when you use your gifts life is less of a struggle? A mantra I picked up while healing from a traumatic brain injury is, “Live Life with Ease.” When I picture ease, I think of going with the flow of the river, allowing the current of nature to carry me. It feels good. I am relaxed, feeling carefree as I admire the landscape. My position of observation is effortless and conserves my energy. When I am in my strengths my energy flows abundantly like a river. 

In this Seminar

  • We identify your strengths

  • Practice using your Strengths

  • Partner to combine Strengths

  • Use strengths to overcome adversity

The Warrior Within

Contact us to set up a group seminar that prepares you to take on life's challenges with confidence and strength. This workshop will walk you through Lutopia's proven five-step methodology.

Five steps to help you unleash the warrior within.

In this Seminar

  • Build a foundation of responsibility

  • Let go of what does not serve you

  • Uncover your strengths

  • Create & maintain a positive mindset

  • Unleash the power of affirmation

Salt for Your Soul

Do your muscles ache? Do you find it difficult to let go, relax or sleep? Does your energy feel blocked or do you feel out of it sometimes?


Salt is not only known for its healing properties it aids in discover your truth and deep sleep. In this class, we share how our ancestors used salt to calm their nerves, reduce stress, protect, preserve food, write peace treadies and even draw out toxins. 


Class includes: ​

  • Introduction to Salt

  • Create your own salt bath "gift".

  • Learn the power of writing and burning to release what comes up in a salt bath.

  • Information on how salt aids in the healing process.

  • Essential oils and salt.

Disclaimer: The techniques and information we share aren’t a substitute for medical treatment. Always talk to your doctor before beginning any new practice, especially if you have any medical concerns or conditions.

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