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"With the rise of each new day, lies the opportunity to profoundly change our circumstances."


Lucinda Star 

Coaching Services

Move into higher potential

 Have you had a setback you are ready to turn into a comeback? Are you tired of feeling tired, alone, and lacking direction or motivation? Are you ready to make a big change but desire the clarity and focus to help you find your way? 


"Lucinda offers her unique gift to shape the way her clients think about the world. Through her practicality and charisma, she helps guide and aligns others into their higher potential." Katie Iglinski

Gainesville, Georgia


Your attitude matters. How you view the world and how you show up is a big part of the cause and effect of what you get out of your experiences.  


Not only does Lucinda shine a light on that which illudes she provides her clients with the tools to regain the clarity and focus to yield the results they want. 

Here's what Lucinda's clients have to say about her coaching style.


I'm inspired by Lucinda's communication skills and expertise to guide a person into the deepest places of their mind and soul so they can find the real light inside them. Lucinda is a one-of-a-kind spiritual teacher that I highly recommend.

Robert Shiva Das

Miami, Florida


When I am in a session with Lucinda, I feel a sense of peace and calm.  A connection to what was lost, a unique feeling, only to me.

She helps me find answers without judgment.

Jo Boardwine

Galax, Virginia

Life Coach Sessions 

Lucinda works to clear old programs or wounds that echo in the mind as the inner critic. She can reboot the mind, emotions, and cellular memory with your cooperation. As suffering diminishes, stillness resumes, and a different perspective is born that gifts freedom of choice. 


She advocates for more joy and harmony in your life by adjusting how you see the world. Lucinda's foundational work shows you how to break through challenges to regain personal power. When you recognize the source of the challenge then shift your beliefs, behavioral changes naturally occur.


To learn more about Lucinda's proven practices used to remove obstacles with grace and ease, contact Lucinda for a complimentary 15-minute consult. 



The vast techniques Lucinda used on me helped me identify the root cause of my blocks. Then she blasted, dissolved, and dispersed the dark into the light.

Beatriz Hilsberg

Author in Puerto Rico


Lucinda guided me out of the darkest time in my life.  She taught me how to love myself through acceptance and forgiveness.
I gladly recommend her!

Sarah Taylor

Savannah, Georgia


She has an innocent--almost childlike-- appreciation for that which most people take for granted, especially nature and the animal kingdom. She sees the magic of everything. She has this worldly-wise second sense she gifts her clients.

Murray Silver

Author in Savannah, Georgia


Lucinda’s support and guidance helps me recover from a wounded heart, soul, and victim mentality. I reconnect spiritually in the work that Lucinda shared with me! She helps me restore my health, heal my inner child, set boundaries, learn self-love and overcome PTSD.

Kristi Hodge Fischrupp

Atlanta, Georgia

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