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Part of the Healing Journey that Inspired Lutopia

Lucinda and Blaze lived South of Savannah, on a 3,600-acre plantation on the Julienton River. The isolation became a "hero's journey" within for Lucinda and the foundation of her teachings "life Beyond Trauma." She faced her anxiety with the support of her chosen light team. 


They left Atlanta Georgia to escape the noise and distractions that hindered Lucinda's recovery. In nature, Lucinda finds peace and solitude to continue to heal and connect with her true self. Nature is a safe place where Lucinda connects to her inner light, clairvoyance, energy, and much more...  


The below images are a few snapshots of the evolution of Blaze and Lucinda's bond. Lucinda began to live beyond the trauma of a brain injury, PTSD, and all that she has forgotten and left behind on this Island built on her faith. 

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