Blaze and Lili

Lutopia’s mascots: Lili, an owl who sings, and Blaze, a hybrid wolf with branches. 


Their unlikely friendship blossoms into a dynamic adventure of magic through s book series, Century of Tree Magic. The story is intended to empower children’s sense of self-worth and cultivate creative thinking. The celebrate diversity and unity in an enchanted forest where anything is possible.

Are you looking for a way to engage your child in a dialogue about learning? Are you seeking an engaging, entertaining tool to support developing your child's desire to read and learn and lay a foundation of strong values? If so, we have a story for you!


Lutopia is passionately committed to encourage kindness through creative thinking. To make the greatest impact on the world, we believe that we must impact the ones who hold the future in their hands. It is central to this mission to instill in the next generation the fundamental values essential to living a healthy, happy, and abundant life in a ever-changing, diverse society. 

Our founder, Lucinda, has set out to achieve this very goal and has written the amazing story of Blaze and Lili, an unlikely duo adventuring through an enchanted forest. This magical tale is sure to captivate young imaginations while simultaneously helping to lay a foundation of important values. The main themes in this exciting narrative include acceptance, self-love, self-control, and respect for the environment. This tale is also accompanied by activities designed to stimulate creativity and reinforce the values highlighted by Blaze and Lili's journey. 

The book is scheduled to be released before Christmas, 2022. To receive updates pertaining to the book release, live readings, and events, enter your email address below.