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Lutopia’s Mascots:

Blaze and Lili

A magical tale of a wolf pup with branch powers and his emerald-eyed owlet friend blazing trails through an enchanted forest where trees talk and magic waits around every corner!

This whimsically illustrated picture book includes curriculum resources and activities for nurturing a child’s creativity, self-awareness, and problem-solving skills—our approach to heart-centered learning through explorative learning.

Are you looking for a way to ignite your child's curiosity and imagination? Are you seeking engaging educational tools to support and develop your child's love for learning? If so, dive into this spellbinding tale that journeys to the heart of the circle of life, where we connect through the power of kindness.

A Century of Tree Magic is passionately committed to nurturing each child's unique presence on this planet. Children hold our future in their hands. By providing the space for their creativity to flourish, we guide them to the full-hearted embodiment of their authentic selves. Our mission is to equip young learners to lean into knowing and to strengthen their gifts into superpowers they share in the community. 

Some Emotional Development themes you will find in the story include compassion, empathy, awareness, self-love, gratitude, and self-control. Included are pages of mindfulness activities that pair with the story. Loaded with tools for empowering parents and teachers as guides, A Century of Tree Magic: Meet Blaze & Lili exceeds traditional education standards with explorations in identity, communication, emotional intelligence, heart-centered action, and imagination.

You are invited to step into this mission with us by participating in our focus group.

To join, use this link to purchase Meet Blaze & Lili on Amazon. 

We need your expertise to learn what you think about the story and the accompanying

curriculum guide to offer the highest vibration in storytelling and education.

We encourage you to read the story and play with some activities in the curriculum guide.

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Participants can receive a hard copy of the book at a discounted price, so ask for details.

We thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful feedback! 

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