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Fur Camp 

The Day Camp Experience :


At Fur Camp, dogs learn how to socialize within a pack and thrive in a harmonious home. Our Camp is the perfect place to be pampered with attention, sunbathing, and either frequent potty breaks or tons of exercise.  We honor the temperament and needs of your pet by providing individualized care!


Our gentle Giant, Blaze is the God Father of our pack. He corrects and protects on our daily trail runs on 33 acres! Blaze is a trained service dog who recognizes and defuses anxiety in humans and pets. The extra exercise is sure to burn off any excess energy making it easier for our guests to acclimate to the Camp environment.


When the weather permits, the camp experience provides 3 to 4 hours of playtime outside for our energetic guests. Lapdogs and seniors have the option to cozy up with my senior mom and chill for the day on the porch or sunroom or follow me around.  


Dogs get to live their best life at Camp. They run, play, chase, sunbathe, dip in the pond, and smell anything and everything, check out the photos to see for yourself what a day at Camp looks like.


While inside the dogs rest in our home environment. The well-trained chill dogs hang with us while we cook, clean, watch the occasional movie or I work on the computer. They are treated just as we treat our own with picture taking, the occasional chicken treat (unless they are allergic) loving praise, and lots of ear and belly rubs. 

The puppies and rambunctious dogs take breaks in our office in the condos or crates their owners provide. 

All dogs (within the same family) are separated when fed and when I leave the house for more than half an hour. This may include Meet & Greets and Pick-ups and drop-off to ensure integration occurs with ease. 

If your friendly dog(s) needs human companionship or playtime with a pack this is the place for you, 

Light go out around 8. The last potty break is around 10. The pack is separated into three groups, Several dogs sleep in my room with me or in the hallway on their beds. Crated pups are in our office or garage if they wine or excessively bark. 


Meet & Greets, drop-offs and pick-ups. 

Bring your fur companion to Camp (for half an hour or half a day) to see if we are a good fit at no charge to you. 

What you can expect at the Meet & Greet: we meet in our front yard so you may see where Camp commences. You meet (me) the trainer and caregiver and one or two of our pets.  

We show you where to leave and pick up items for Camp. We go over schedules and your pet(s) needs. I temperament test your dog by taking them to our backyard (without you). Where they are taken off leash to meet another dog. 

During the temperament testing if your dog has any of the following behaviors, additional training is required at an agreed-upon fee:

puppy-like behavior,

overly excited, 

not neutered or spayed

chews on 

scratches doors

escape prone


counter serfs


barks excessively

overly anxious

pulls on leash

doesn't come when called

Shy and unwilling to go inside or outside with ease

needs correction when playing with others

not potty trained

If your dog shows signs of aggression or has bitten a human or another dog or not current on vaccinations they will not be permitted to attend Camp. We do occasionally offer services to dogs with special behavioral needs but they are separated from the pack!

All fur guests must be current on their vaccination especially kennel cough and in perfect health. Any pet that is sick, in heat or becomes aggressive must be removed from camp ASAP. We do have a quarantined area in our garage only used for emergencies. 

Non-contagious health issues for example allergy issues are accepted on a case by case basis, medications with instruction must be provided prior to leaving your pet. 

The Meet & Greets, drop-offs, and pick-ups are scheduled between 8-12 and 3-5:15, several days a week and from 6:30-7:30 two days a week to accommodate work and flight schedule. Between 5:30 and 6:30 we are CLOSED (mom takes her nap while I prepare to feed the pack and our family).  


Please text or call when you are close or upon arrival at our home. Do NOT ring our doorbell because it drives the dogs crazy. A pack of dogs becomes very protective and can be destructive to our property if they want out to greet you. 

On occasion, you may be asked to wait 5 to 15 minutes to pick up or drop off your pet. This is a one-woman operation so first come first serve. If there is another pet parent in our driveway please do not block their car in. Either drive down to the cul-de-sac and turn around or park on our empty lot across the street.



Our training fees range 

Referral Program: 


For every referred client you receive $10 off after their first stay a

A Typical Day At Camp:

I rise early (before dusk). Potty breaks begin around 6 in the morning. After sunrise, we go on a trail walk/run. I walk and the dogs that run, run tumble and roll over each other. 

Breakfast is served between 7-8.

8ish we go for another short trail walk and stay outside, weather permitting till 10/11 or from 11/2 depending on my schedule or the weather. 

Every 3/4 hours or more the dogs are let out for short breaks!

Mid-day playtime involves several hours of trail walks or playtime in the yard.

The Meet & Greets, drop-off, and pick-up are intermittent between 8-12 and 3-5:15 (additional times may be arranged at a surcharge). Between 5:30 and 6:30 we are CLOSED (mom takes her nap while I prepare to feed the pack and our family). Intermittently, twice a week we offer services between 6:30- 7:30 at no additional charge. 

Dinner is served between 6-6:30 in the evening

Photos and videos are sent daily: early in the morning and mid-day and sometime in the early evening. 

If you do not want to receive photos or messages early in the morning please set your phone preferences to silent or let me know and I will only send you pictures mid-day. 

My preferred hours for responding to requests and questions is between 6-6 each day. Do not expect responses after 8.

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