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Preparation Steps for Bootcamp

Step One:




Begin to feeling into what brought you to this Light-Workers Bootcamp.


What do you hope to get out of this 9/10 week program of inner alchemy?


How do you desire to feel upon completion of this program?


What is it that called you energetically from what you heard or read about this bootcamp?


How do you desire to show up for this immersion? 


What support and nourishment will support you on this journey and what does that look and feel like?


Begin to take inventory of your life and take inventory of the one area of your life you desire this shift of inner alchemy to affect (health, work, relationships, community, or spirituality) and WHY?

The Door is open, but not all will enter
Stop leaving and you will arrive.jpeg

Step Two:

Preparations- Planning, holding space, daily practice,  alter intentions, sacred space are apart of Self-Care for Light BEings.


  • Add all events dates to your calendar with alerts to insure no overlaps occurs between now and then.

  • Begin thinking about how to set aside time for yourself to fully immerse yourself in this bootcamp both during our live gatherings and with your daily contemplation and assignments in-between calls and circles.

  • Talk with your family members and friends especially those in your home about the importance of the journey and ask for any support you desire from them.

  • Sign the Confidentiality Agreement and email it back to

  • Add Lucinda’s email address and to your address book to insure you receive emails

Step Three:


When you say YES, the Alchemy begins.


From now until we step into our light chamber… begin to enhance your noticing…

  • How is your inner warrior already showing up in your life?

  • How do you perceive the term Light-Worker?

  • What can you bring into this chamber to be transformed aka Alchemised?

  • How can this experience serve you in your personal life and with worK

  • How can you fine tune you awareness to tap into your truth and what already is? 

  • Notice any areas of challenge, resistance, or concern?

  • Notice how you feel about how others in this group might thing, feel or say about you?

Step Four:

Honor Yourself

Divine Brothers and Sisters ... you said YES to YOU!


Breathe in the magnificence of YOU, and your soul Knowing that called you here. Open your heart to your inner castle of Light.

Honor the wisdom within that guided you to awaken in your divinity.

Celebrate all that is yet to come.

Be Magic!

Feel your inner Alchemy spark into motion.

Trust that this journey is...

Header (3).png

This Module Discover & Heal guides you to rediscover yourself as an observer. When you chose to be the observer it becomes easier to let go of attachment and the desired outcome. Like the observer investigator, Columbo from NBC's TV show he uses his keen wit, non-emotional perspective and logic to ask the types of questions that solve his case.

Be your own investigator and invest in your most valuable asset, YOU! I invite you to look within with grace as you rediscover who you are now. Be kind to yourself yet honest as you contemplate these questions. Your ability to be compassionate begins to soften the lens you see the world through. Knowing what is not working for you and what is working is a crucial ingredient in your healing and evolution process.


Be kind to yourself, yet honest, as you contemplate the questions in these Modules. Your ability to be kind will begin to soften the lens you see the world through.


Knowing what is not working for you and what is working is a crucial ingredient in your healing and evolution process.


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