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Do you desire to adapt to ways to live in the NOW? Then choose to clear out as much of the clutter/blocks of the mind, soul, emotions, environment, and the physical body in this module and the Full Moons hereafter.


In this module, we use clearing to support your growth towards living in the now with purpose, boundaries, and a grounded foundation. These clearing tools help you lighten your load so you may navigate life with more ease.

Please be cognitive of the importance of being grounded and establishing healthy boundaries to be safe as you navigate and explore the gifts and beauty of living in the present moment. Many of us loving beings burn out or get sick because of self-care neglect. Your first and top priority as a Lutopia Light Worker is to manage your self-care and well being.

Be the change you want in the world by shining your light out into the world and show up as your best self by doing your inner work. The rest will flow into place with much less effort.

When you get bogged down with old programs, physical pain, mental “know it all thinking”, trauma, and ancestral blocks it’s impossible to stay in the NOW flow. When you are ungrounded, it is impossible to stay in the present moment! Pulling back the layers of deception and pain can take years even lifetimes to purify, so give yourself GRACE as we clear out to make room for what you want.


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