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Figuring out what you “want” requires you to let go of what everyone else wants for you, parents, employers, friends, spouses, society, religious beliefs, and all types of programmings. And "Letting Go" can start with decluttering your life, one room at a time.


In this Module, you go as deep as is emotionally safe for you to expose the lies and faults program that feeds your insecurities.  You know the voice that doubts you, makes excuses, finds fault, rationalizes quitting, and says terrible things that paralyze you or has you saying things you regret.


In this Light-Workers Module TWO you contemplate your shadow and weed out what no longer serves you to heal old wounds and programming. You cry. You crawl. Sometimes, life carries you in order to shift your awareness.


Do you dare to find hidden meaning in your life? Then join us Light-Workers and Clean Your Way to more Clarity, today!

Clear Your WayTo Clarity

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