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Set Your Arena For A Joy-Filled Life!

Set Your Arena For A Joy-Filled Life!

Are your wondering just what your arena is? It's not about your intention or just an intellectual process. It's not about intention, but more. It's about energy. Our state of being is like an energy field. Whatever we are feeling, whatever vibes we are giving off attracts like energy to us. So being conscious of the state of our being is essential. And we can set our energies.

It's about "5 qualities of being." It's about authentic living. It's a way of being, not a diet or a prescription. I find this theory to be most enlightening, and so I will do my best to help you know how to set your arena if you so choose. It's about "Who am I willing to be"?

Maria Nemeth, Ph.D., a Master Certified Coach and transformational seminar leader, has honed a specific formula for setting a space for coaching. A colleague introduced me to this theory and practice. We expanded the concept to set our arena for the day, not only a coaching session.

We have partnered and have bracketed out five-minute time frames to set our arenas four days a week. We are diligent about staying focused, present and engaged in our five minutes. Being totally present and witnessing is very powerful. Sometimes we discuss the theory and/or how it impacts our lives, but we're always focused on the arena. I have to chew things over to understand them to implement them, so we do delve into the application. We do visit sometimes afterward, but we bracket that time off very intentionally.

Now, let's see about how to set your arena. There are concrete steps. My understanding is that Dr. Nemeth has done a lot of research and experimentation to create these seemingly simple actions. Each partner is to be fully present. And you take turns with the process.