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Finding the Lutopia Way

Updated: Jan 4

Lemonade stands by day and dream analysis by night, Lucinda’s formal intuitive and entrepreneurialism began as a child. In her dedication, she set her alarm clock for 3 am in the morning to recall her dreams and journal them. As the days progressed, she remembered more and more of her dreams.

Her advancement permitted her to wake herself within a dream. She flew and manifested many situations she desired within the dream state. She learned dream control and astral projection too.

Under the tutelage of her psychologist mother, her gifts progressed. She advanced beyond symbols and signs to hidden meanings found in nature, dreams, conversations, energy, and other areas of life to one of inner intuition.

Lucinda's unique ability to transform trauma into life lessons support who she is today. She rescued her first pet, Nomad, as a toddler, who became her safe place to heal through her parent's divorce. She continued to develop additional coping mechanisms to aid her in accumulating worldly success.

By the time Lucinda was 29, she remarkable achieved every single goal that she had imagined for her life including a picture-perfect marriage, owning a multimillion-dollar business, perfect health, a booming social life, and wanted for nothing externally. However, her good-on-paper life felt shallow. In that shallowness Lucinda realized her need to be busy was a fear-based distraction from acknowledging her feeling, needs and desires. She lost herself in the hustle thus neglecting inner joy and spiritual fulfillment.

Lucinda took a 180 turn and left her worldly existence on a quest to find inner peace. She went inward to explore her true calling, one of service with animals. During this life phase, she founded the first of its kind in Atlanta an animal non-profit that offered an alternative to pet abandonment, Safe Haven 4 Pets. She spent the next decade devoted as an animal activist.

Redirecting her focus towards being of service to others, she felt more fulfilled. Lucinda felt more in alignment but lacked the freedom many people of service give up to serve.

Lucinda questioned why she felt she had to choose between a spiritual or an earthly walk? She pondered how much she gave up to be of service versus her previous traditional path of family and a career. She wanted to explore a way to merge a life of service and self-care that includes individual freedom. From this shift, the Lutopia Way began to form!

In 2013, Lucinda took a job as a medical sales rep. This time, she created more balance in her life. She enjoyed her job, managed her time well, traveled, had a personal trainer, sat on board for a non-profit, enjoyed extreme exercise like biking 50-miles and hiking on the weekends, and her social “dance card” was full.

This active life came to a screeching halt due to a terrible car accident. That resulted in a Traumatic Brain Injury that left her to deal with anxiety, PTSD, memory loss, physical pain, and digestive challenges. The optimist in Lucinda feels the brain injury opened her heart to receive love and support. As h