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Healing for the Healer by Jennifer Parr

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

This was written by a client, Jennifer Parr.

As a healer and intuitive, I was introduced to Lucinda through an online sacred sister’s Facebook group. I tend to be skeptical of other healers and I do not typically let people work on my energy field unless they are recommended to me and I have some level of trust prior. Although I was a little nervous, after just a short conversation with Lucinda, I decided to schedule an in-person healing session. I was struggling with feeling exhausted and I felt a UTI coming on and wanted some relief. 

Lucinda came to my home for the session and she was very professional and kind. She provided a client contract for me to sign, and also brought some intuitively guided gifts including a small amethyst crystal, a turkey feather and a lavender/sage clearing bundle. 

The energy session took place outside in my backyard. Lucinda explained that she would light the sage bundle to begin the clearing, and that any sage pieces that fell onto certain areas of the body would indicate that there was blocked energy in that specific area. Lucinda explained that she would tune into those blocked areas and provide information to help me better understand so the energy could be released. Then, after the clearing portion, I could journal about the blocks in more detail. Lucinda asked what higher energies I preferred to work with such as any angels, plants, or crystals. I chose to work with Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael as I work with them regularly in my meditations and healing work. 

As the session began, Lucinda waved the sage around my energy field, and a tiny burning piece of the bundle landed on my left should. Lucinda explained this had to do with carrying the weight of the world. 

After each block was identified, Lucinda worked with spirit to clear it. Once it was cleared, we received confirmation by seeing a large, noticeable, burst of fire at the top of the sage bundle. This helped Lucinda and myself to know it was complete, and she would then move on to another block. She identified 5 blocks that we discussed during the session and we watch the sage burst into flames after each one was cleared. It was pure fire alchemy magic! 

After the sage bundle was fully burned and nothing was left of it, Lucinda handed me a stack of blank paper and had me journal about each block we discussed and then we would burn it to fully release any lingering energy. 

This clearing was followed by a discussion with Lucinda that she called an “introductory assessment”. She went into more detail around how I was taking on so much heavy energy from the outside world that I was literally carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. No wonder I was feeling so exhausted! She provided tools I could use to better protect my energy field. She also shared some other ways that I could deepen my healing practices including tips for working with earth energy and she also provided guidance around my life purpose and who I am as a soul as well. 

After the session, I noticed the UTI pain had disappeared and I had more energy. As a healer who already has a lot of tools in my toolkit, it was very valuable to have someone that could provide advice for advancing my own healing and spiritual gifts. I am grateful for my time and experience with Lucinda and I have already recommended her to two other people. To learn more about Lucinda visit 

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