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Can You Speak Your Truth in a Softer Way?

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Solitude can be magnetic and bring you answers and healing. What does it draw up for you?

Are you riddled with fear, hope, anxiety, curiosity, loneliness, enjoyment, hug deprivation…? Are you taking this time to heal, self-improve or fight the silence?

Here are just a few of the current day changes we now face.

  • limited physical contact

  • isolation

  • awakening without the daily distractions

  • job/income decrease or complete loss

  • how unexpected time with family 24/7 effects you

  • fear of losing loved ones

  • fear of catching or spreading the virus

  • creating new ways to operate your business

  • learning new computer programs

  • finding new ways to stay connected

  • wearing a mask

  • questioning our political and legal structure

  • mixed emotions

  • curfew

  • how do we peacefully influence equality

I want to support you to look at your current situation from an introspective lens. One that offers healing and a deep understanding of self. How we show up in the world.

As a result of a Traumatic Brain Injury, I chose solitude as a way to heal. This choice gives me lots of practical knowledge to share in this turn of event in our world.

"Your view directly affects how you see the world." - Lucinda

My view after the TBI was one of forgetfulness. I cried every day for over a year. The grief is still unbearable at times. However, in solitude, I find inner peace. A quiet that few ever TAKE the opportunity to experience. Some call this liberation.

Now most of us are asked to live in more solitude than ever before. Gift or curse? Every day, every minute, we get to choose.

My liberation comes after I destroy what I thought I knew and fall to my knees. I choose to be disciplined and practice meditation, daily. In my meditation, I find the clarity to let the false ego go. This death of the old program gives birth to a new way of being, inner freedom.

This cycle of rebirthing comes often for me. Each time I fight and eventually bow to it because I know the power gained in surrendering.

In the metamorphosis phase, I choose self-love through self-care in solitude. Now that we have this time to go within, what tools do you have to support your growth while you sit with the silence?

The right coach offers you the support

and tools for a sustainable transformation.

My transition back into the noise of life catapulted me into overdrive to offer my services as a Life Coach. When you choose to let go of your “should’s” and “shoulda’s” and past programs, I am committed and ready to support you to transform, expand, and heal.

I do not have all the answers, but what I do have is my desire to share my gifts and life experiences with you to find inner peace, joy, and coping skills to support you through these unknowns.

"With the rise of each new day, lies the

opportunity to per family change our

circumstances" - Lucinda

Currently, I offer fifteen-minute complimentary consults to see if we are a good match. From my heart to yours, to support Virtual HugBugs Campaign, ”Kindness is the new hug!” please find us on Facebook and "like," "follow," “share," and “invite” your friends to join us and comment and ask for assistance. We care! Virtual hugs from me to YOU! Sincerely, Lucinda Some people make life harder than it needs to be. I know firsthand because I went against the grain long into my 30's, so I'm well versed on this topic.

I spoke out on behalf of the underdog, disabled, addict, abused, weak, different, and innocent.... Why? I embody the image of the Hero Architype, so it felt right.

Heroes strive to maintain justice and fight against evil. The ability of the hero to stay true to themselves is ultimately what makes them heroic.

What drove me to correct injustice is my desire for peace. I may have saved hundreds of lives, but each time I paid a price, that sometimes still hurts and eventually lead to distrust.

Like the saying, "don't shoot the messenger"! I was shot, one time too many times and fear set in. Hence my quest to find a softer way to bring about peace, while being true to myself.

Fear leads to distrust. When you distrust, you look for ways to prove the world is untrustworthy. Trauma and PTSD has a way of feeding feeling unsafe.

With newfound compassion and grace, you can transmute the mistrust and surrender through an inner knowing that the Universe is here to support you. This realization may not come over night. Healing and change take effort and intention over time.

Here is the deal, when you fear someone, you make them out to be the enemy, the bad guy, the villain. The enemy feeds off your fear. If they are innocent, you become the persecutor for falsely accusing them. Either way, these fearful assumptions can hold you back.

No judge can fight your inner demons. Big brothers/sisters are not always going to be around to save the day. It's up to you to find your inner strength to be courageous in adversity, not overreactive to fear. Learn to dance with your shadow in the light long enough to work with the energy and become your own alchemist.

I know about healing distrust. I know about finding your way to the other side to trust again. Why, because I struggled with PTSD and am a champion over trauma. I've been courageous because my hero-archetype, I've been the coward because of PTSD, and I've experienced the in-between. I know for sure that fear is a breeding ground for rejection, conflict, and anger, among many other things. Your low/high vibration invites those around you to live up to your vibration or expectations.

If you do not identify with the linguistics of vibrations, think about energy. Like attracts like. Cynics attract doubters.... Pay attention to who shows up and what vibration/energy level they mirror for you. [For further explanation into the three types of mirrors, see my blog entry Mirror, Mirror]


1) Breathwork- Breathwork bridges you from panic to calm. Think about it, anxiety bubbles up when your breathing becomes shallow. Deep full breaths can change your perspective, your mood, and relax your body.

Here is what you can do to change the energy, surrender into your heart space when fear shows up. Breathe in love and exhale love. Breathe love inside your heart! In this quiet place (inside your heart), humility surfaces, and you recognize the fear has a message for you. In the breath work, let fear talk to you. You can ask your guardian angel, higher self, God, or a diety... for clarity and guidance.

Fear is the victom's robe. An antidote for fear is faith.


2) Four Agreements- Anxiety and depression are first cousins with fear. You might find the 4 Agreements to be an effective tool to counteract these emotions. To calm and deminish doubt and the inner critic that creeps into your thoughts use logic. These agreements can bridge your mind with logic. 

Practicing the 4 Agreements can guide you back to your inner voice. When you don't take words personally, ask questions instead of assuming, do your best, and be impeccable with your words, it's easier to hear your own thoughts. And when your thoughts get a little squirrely, ask yourself which of the 4 Agreements might you be breaking? It's like magic, because logic and reason surface and support your working out the challenge to regain your equilibrium. 


3) Meditation- Another way to stay out of worry/fear/doubt/anxiety/anger/grief or any low-frequency energy, is through meditation.

Wake up! Be still! Listen to your inner voice, the one that needs to drive the show. To support your waking up to a gentler you, here are a few complimentary guided meditations @ Hug Bugs Virtual Facebook Page. This page gives angel and energy meditations. In these meditations, you are guided to ground, clear and work efficiently with your energy.


How do you practice TRUST? A daily affirmation practice can support your own instincts and intuition. faith, discipline, and repetition are essential in managing your emotions and in sustaining change. Here is an affirmation to build more trust.

4) Trust Affirmation

"I acknowledge that I am supported. I know the answers to 

my questions are available to me. I am divinely guided. 

I am alert. I am awake. I am receptive. I understand that life can be a source for the answers I need. I align with nature, with the animal kingdom, with synchronicities, books, and mysterious occurrences to strengthen inner trust.  

I let go of the fear. I connect with infinite knowledge. I am safe! I am supported! I am connected! I surround myself in love!" It is so....


Pause to take a few deep breathes before you speak softens your voice and makes it easier to be heard.

Kindness matters!

Being right or even righteous can cost you relationships. Why? Because if you are right, that makes the other person wrong. So you get to choose to be right, be kind or find your softness in between?

Invest in these four practices: Breathe, Meditate, the 4 Agreements and Trust Affirmation. What a nice start towards cultivating speaking your truth with grace. The beauty you experience in walking softly on the earth and speaking kindly with others might give you the inner peace you've longed for while helping make a peaceful world.

Be the change you look for.

YOU matter!

From my heart to yours,

Lucinda Star

Please "heart" "like," "comment," and "subscribe," or better yet message me. I'd like to speak with you to see if we are a good match to begin exploring the Lutopia Way towards self-actualization and more peace. "An unbiased reality check with interity is a priceless gift!" -Lucinda

"Lucinda's support and guidance helps me recover from a wounded heart, soul, and victim mentality spirit. I have reconnected spiritually in the worK! She helps me restore my health, heal my inner child, set boundaries, learn self-love and overcome PTSD. I tap into the healing power of the Cosmos, prayer, and meditation to amplify and become a more powerful and transformative version of myself. Thank you, Lucinda, for being such a bright beam of light in my life."

-Kristi Hodge Fischrupp, Atl, GA

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