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Solitude - your choice, a gift or a curse?

Updated: Apr 19, 2022

Solitude can be magnetic and bring you answers and healing. What does it draw up for you?

Are you riddled with fear, hope, anxiety, curiosity, loneliness, enjoyment, hug deprivation…? Are you taking this time to heal, self-improve or fight the silence?

Here are just a few of the current day changes we now face.

  • limited physical contact

  • isolation

  • awakening without the daily distractions

  • job/income decrease or complete loss

  • how unexpected time with family 24/7 effects you

  • fear of losing loved ones

  • fear of catching or spreading the virus

  • creating new ways to operate your business

  • learning new computer programs

  • finding new ways to stay connected

  • wearing a mask

  • questioning our political and legal structure

  • mixed emotions

  • curfew

  • how do we peacefully influence equality

I want to support you to look at your current situation from an introspective lens. One that offers healing and a deep understanding of self. How we show up in the world.

As a result of a Traumatic Brain Injury, I chose solitude as a way to heal. This choice gives me lots of practical knowledge to share in this turn of event in our world.

"Your view directly affects how you see the world." - Lucinda

My view after the TBI was one of forgetfulness. I cried every day for over a year. The grief is still unbearable at times. However, in solitude, I find inner peace. A quiet that few ever TAKE the opportunity to experience. Some call this liberation.

Now most of us are asked to live in more solitude than ever before. Gift or curse? Every day, every minute, we get to choose.

My liberation comes after I destroy what I thought I knew and fall to my knees. I choose to be disciplined and practice meditation, daily. In my meditation, I find the clarity to let the false ego go. This death of the old program gives birth to a new way of being, inner freedom.

This cycle of rebirthing comes often for me. Each time I fight and eventually bow to it because I know the power gained in surrendering.

In the metamorphosis phase, I choose self-love through self-care in solitude. Now that we have this time to go within, what tools do you have to support your growth while you sit with the silence?

The right coach offers you the support

and tools for a sustainable transformation.

My transition back into the noise of life catapulted me into overdrive to offer my services as a Life Coach. When you choose to let go of your “should’s” and “shoulda’s” and past programs, I am committed and ready to support you to transform, expand, and heal.

I do not have all the answers, but what I do have is my desire to share my gifts and life experiences with you to find inner peace, joy, and coping skills to support you through these unknowns.

"With the rise of each new day, lies the

opportunity to per family change our

circumstances" - Lucinda

Currently, I offer fifteen-minute complimentary consults to see if we are a good match. From my heart to yours, to support Virtual HugBugs Campaign, ”Kindness is the new hug!” please find us on Facebook and "like," "follow," “share," and “invite” your friends to join us and comment and ask for assistance. We care! Virtual hugs from me to YOU! Sincerely, Lucinda

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